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Silver Jewelry Selling Tips on Amazon

Learn the tips on how to effectively sell your sterling silver jewelry on the online retail giant.

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Because businesses saw the need to continue operating in the pandemic, they have been shifting online. Creating an e-commerce website is not necessary yet, as businesses can sell on big online marketplaces like Amazon.

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Best Summer Silver Wave Rings for 2020

Check out this cool collection of silver wave rings to offer your customers this season.

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Summer may be a bit boring this year because most of us are locked up in our homes. But that shouldn’t stop the fun. You can still enjoy the season by sunbathing in the backyard or dressing up in your best summer outfits. And that includes wearing the trendiest summer accessories like minimalist silver rings.

Make your customers enjoy the season by selling summer-worthy wholesale sterling silver rings. Wave rings, in particular, remind of the ocean and summer beach escapades, so they are one of the best designs to include in your inventory.

Today, we picked five wave rings that are our personal favorites. Check them out; you might get a piece or two for yourself too!

Silver Soft Waves Ring

Silver Soft Waves Ring from Sidney Imports
Product Code: RP142910-RD

This piece has soft waves at the top of the band, making it look like a lovely tiara. Its unique design makes it a perfect midi ring to complement thin layered rings on the other fingers.

You can also get this in yellow gold-plated silver and rose gold-plated silver, and one studded with clear CZ crystals.

Silver Little Waves Ring

Silver Little Waves Ring from Sidney Imports
Product Code: RP142692-BK

This little waves ring with a black rhodium finish is perfect for contrasting other light-colored accessories. Its dark color reminds of the ocean at night, and has a mysterious vibe to it, making it ideal for customers who love dark accessories.

Although it looks perfect in black, this design is also available in plain sterling silver, yellow gold-plated silver, and rose gold-plated silver.

Silver Double Waves Blue Topaz CZ Ring

Silver Double Waves Blue Topaz CZ Ring from Sidney Imports
Product Code: RC106499-BT

This piece reminds so much of the Japanese woodblock print, The Great Wave off Kanagawa. It features a large crest and a smaller one on its left. The lovely blue topaz CZ stones perfectly accentuate the waves.

This design comes in different stones and different metal platings as well. You can also get this design without the stones for customers who are not fans of crystals.

Oxidized Silver Wave Band

Oxidized Silver Wave Band from Sidney Imports
Product Code: RP142942

We love this piece so much because the oxidation made the wave pattern pop out of the band. Although it is not as thin as the other minimalist rings, this band can still be layered with other delicate rings.

This is one of our gender-fluid designs, so you can promote it as a couple ring set.

Oxidized Silver Wave Ring

Oxidized Silver Wave Ring from Sidney Imports
Product Code: RP143139

For customers who prefer minimalist oxidized pieces, this is the ring to offer them. It features a soft single crested wave at the center and oxidized accents all around the thin band.

For more designs of wave rings and other summer-worthy wholesale jewelry, check out!

Why Sell Silver Mermaid Tail Rings

Find out why you should consider adding these mythical silver rings to your inventory.

Silver Lab Opal Whale Tail Ring from Sidney Imports
Product Code: RO150657-BO

Mermaid tail or whale tail rings are gaining popularity among young fashionistas. This is because mermaids are believed to be lucky and are a symbol of transformation. For a woman, a transformation could mean a coming of age or changing into a better version of oneself. And to acknowledge this “metamorphosis,” they reward themselves with something that can remind them of it, like a mermaid tail ring.

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