How to Rock Sterling Silver Stackable Rings

It’s time you give stackable rings a chance! Here’s a short guide on how to nail this ring trend.

How to Rock Sterling Silver Stackable Rings

Stacking or layering rings is one of the trendy jewelry styles today. Because wholesale sterling silver rings are less pricey than fine jewelry, more and more women are able to style themselves without having to break the bank. If you are one of those people who are a bit hesitant to try this, it’s time you give it a chance. Trust me, layering rings is an easy and simple trend that can instantly upgrade your look. And without further ado, here are a few tips on how to rock sterling silver stackable rings.

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3 Ways to Care for Pearl Jewelry

3 Ways to Care for Pearl Jewelry

Here are a few simple tips on how to keep silver pearl jewelry looking brand new.

Sidney Imports Wholesale Silver Pearl Earrings
Sidney Imports Wholesale Silver Pearl Earrings

A woman’s jewelry collection wouldn’t be complete without pearl jewelry. This is because pearls are classic pieces that can instantly make your look classier and more sophisticated. These gems look even more beautiful when paired with sterling silver. As with any piece of jewelry, proper care and cleaning should be done to make them look new and shiny for longer. If you have pearls sitting in your jewelry box for a long period, do check them first before wearing them. The same goes for jewelry shops; check and clean pearls from last season’s inventory before putting them back on display. With that in mind, here are a few simple tips on how to keep silver pearl jewelry looking new.

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How Instagram Can Boost Your Jewelry Business by Sidney Imports

How Instagram Can Boost Your Jewelry Business

Follow these tips for using Instagram to increase your jewelry sales.

How Instagram Can Boost Your Jewelry Business

As with Pinterest, Instagram is a great social media tool to power up your jewelry business. It’s a photo-sharing application that a business can use to showcase their products in a more personal and friendly level. Although you cannot create specific boards and categories, Instagram is still effective when it comes to product showcase and also in encouraging people to buy your products.

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7 Patriotic Star-Spangled Jewelry You Need to Have

Offer your customers wholesale sterling silver rings, necklaces, and earrings with star designs this July!

Sidney Imports Silver Ring with Four Stars

It’s Independence Day in a few days and what better way to be patriotic than sell Fourth of July-inspired jewelry? One way to dress as a proud American is to wear something that resembles the country’s flag. Although we do not have sterling silver pieces with the flag design, we do have star jewelry that your customers can wear all-year-round. And without further ado, here are seven of our star-spangled jewelry pieces that you must stock up on this month.

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Opal Jewelry - Source: | @GarmentGoddess

5 Reasons to Love Lab Opal Jewelry

Make your customers fall in love with these lab-created opal wholesale sterling silver rings and other pieces.

Opal Ring - Source @manderz1121
Source: | @manderz1121

Opal for me is the most beautiful crystal that ever existed. Yes, diamond is a woman’s best friend, but no one can deny the beauty opal exudes. Natural opals are also rare as diamonds and boastĀ such gorgeous flash of colors, making them quite expensive. With that said, more people resort to the lab-created ones. Because they are man-made, there is a negative connotation that these opals are not worth buying. Allow me to prove otherwise. Here are five reasons to love these man-made crystals.

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5 Ways to Turn Jewelry Store Displays Into Sales

5 Ways to Turn Jewelry Store Displays Into Sales

Increase your sales with these jewelry store display tips.

5 Ways to Turn Jewelry Store Displays Into Sales

I’ve discussed tips for online jewelry businesses in the previous posts, so I’m going to write about retail jewelry stores this week. Part of enticing customers with your jewelry pieces is by showcasing them in eye-catching displays. If you own a startup jewelry business and can’t afford a visual merchandiser at the moment, coming up with an effective display can be tough. With that said, here are some tips to raise revenue through show-stopping displays.

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