Best Sterling Silver Garnet CZ Rings to Wear on Thanksgiving

Check out these fall-worthy garnet CZ rings for your customers this turkey season.

garnet silver ring with red rose background

Thanksgiving is a very special holiday for Americans and dressing up nice is part of the occasion. And what better way to level up your fall outfits than accessorizing with fashion jewelry? Of course, you’ll need to pick pieces that complement the fall color palette. Aside from amber and yellow topaz, garnet is one of the best crystal colors perfect for the season.

The garnet gem comes in various colors, but the most common one is the red-orange and dark red varieties. This warm hue is perfect for fall as it matches the color of pumpkins and the falling leaves. 

With that said, we picked five pieces from our wholesale sterling silver rings collection that have garnet CZ crystals adorning them. Check them out; they just might be what your pumpkin spice-loving customers are looking for.

Sterling Silver Baguette Garnet CZ Ring

Sidney Imports Sterling Silver Baguette Garnet CZ Ring

Let’s start off with a minimalist ring. This piece features a baguette-cut garnet CZ as its center stone. The thin band has clear CZ crystals, adding more brilliance to this dainty piece.

Sterling Silver Little Solitaire Garnet CZ Ring

Next up is a rhodium-plated ring that features a tiny yet truly eye-catching garnet CZ center stone. This piece also has a minimalist style and a thin band with softened edges for a comfortable fit.

Sterling Silver Marquise Garnet CZ Ring

Simple yet classy is what this silver ring exudes. It features a small marquise-cut garnet CZ stone and a thin rhodium-plated silver band. This piece will look more gorgeous when layered with other minimalist rings.

Sterling Silver Garnet CZ Heart Ring

This heart ring is your best bet for your hopeless romantic customers. It boasts a tiny garnet CZ heart in a classic prong style and brilliant clear CZ on the thin band. This piece can also be sold as an engagement ring or a promise ring.

Sterling Silver Garnet CZ Ring

Last but not least is this statement silver ring that will surely catch anyone’s eye at the dinner table. It features an oblong-cut garnet CZ center stone with facets that make it sparkle when hit even with the faintest light. The band is not too thick or wide and is just the right size for a comfortable fit.

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