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6 Tips to Increase Your Online Jewelry Sales

Here are some ways to boost your online sales and help your jewelry business grow.

6 Tips to Increase Your Online Jewelry Sales

One challenge for online jewelry businesses is not having enough traffic to their e-commerce websites or social media accounts. Unlike a physical jewelry store, there are no passers-by that will become potential customers. That is why having maximum online exposure is a must for all e-commerce sites to further increase the chances of getting more customers. Running online contests is one, but doing solely that won’t make that much of a difference. That said, here below are other ways to boost your online jewelry sales, alongside running social media contests.

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Why You Should Sell Stone Rings | Sidney Imports

Why You Should Sell Stone Rings

Here are reasons why you should sell (and wear) sterling silver stone rings.

Why You Should Sell Stone Rings

Stone rings are one of the popular types of ring fashionistas love to wear. This is because it’s a piece that easily catches attention and exudes a strong personality. They come in many colors and designs, and you can choose which gemstone to get based on your birth month. There are other reasons why these stone rings are perfect for any occasion. And with that said, here are the top three reasons why you as a jewelry business, should sell stone rings along with your other wholesale sterling silver rings.

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A Man’s Guide to Wearing Earrings

Here’s a short style guide for men who love to accessorize.

A Man's Guide to Wearing Earrings

In some countries, men who wear jewelry such as earrings are frowned upon. What some people may not know is that it’s the men who first started wearing jewelry, particularly earrings. Earrings for men were worn due to various religious beliefs and traditions and this practice even pre-dates the biblical times. Today, some men still prefer wearing them, not because of religion, but for the sake of fashion.
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6 Common Misconceptions About Sterling Silver

Get to know more about this brilliant precious metal.

Sidney Imports Tree of Life Silver Ring

Sterling silver is one of the popular metals used for every type of fashion jewelry imaginable. As a jewelry business owner, it’s best that you know more about this metal so you can also educate your customers about your wholesale sterling silver rings and other pieces.  Giving proper care advice is one thing, and of course, how to clean and maintain them. This week, we’ll be discussing six common misconceptions most people have about sterling silver.

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Silver Ring Highlight: Stone Rings | Sidney Imports

Silver Ring Highlight: Stone Rings

Stock up on stone rings perfect for spring and summer.

Silver Ring Highlight: Stone Rings | Sidney Imports

This spring and summer, make a collection of stone rings available to your fashionable customers. Gemstones such as pearls and abalone remind of the ocean, making these stones perfect for the two seasons. One way to increase sales is to market these sea-inspired rings as the ideal accessory for a beach outfit. That said, we picked out five of our wholesale sterling silver rings that are worth adding to your inventory.

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Best Ways to Display Sterling Silver Rings

Here are six creative ways to showcase these silver beauties.

Best Ways to Display Sterling Silver Rings

Silver rings are one of the popular fashion accessories today. This is because it’s much cheaper than gold and diamond jewelry. Because of its popularity, there are many businesses out there selling wholesale sterling silver rings. To stand out from the crowd, you have to think of different marketing strategies. One such approach is how you showcase your products. This week, we have listed down six of our favorite ways to display sterling silver rings.

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How to Clean Nose Rings and Studs

Hygiene is important for fashion accessories, especially nose rings. 

Sidney Imports Wholesale Silver Nose Stud Ball

If you sell nose rings and studs along with wholesale sterling silver rings in your shop, you should know that these pieces have to remain clean. And as a seller, you need to educate your customers on how to clean them to prevent them from contracting an infection. This is especially the case with new piercings where healing could be delayed if not properly taken care of. Cleaning these fashion accessories are no hassle at all. And without further ado, here are some nose rings and studs cleaning methods to share with your customers.
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