How to Increase Jewelry Sales on Instagram

Check out these tips on how you can boost your jewelry sales using Instagram.

Hand holding phone with Instagram on display

Instagram is a social media platform popular among young people who love to post photos of food, places, clothes, and, of course, selfies. However, it’s also an excellent tool to market products.

This is not surprising, as recent reports found that about 83% of IG users discover new brands or products on the platform, and almost all users follow at least one brand. That is why businesses in the fashion and jewelry industry make huge profits on the visual-based platform.

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Why Promote Your Jewelry Business Online During a Pandemic

Learn why promoting non-essential products online during a health crisis is worth the risk.

smiling woman on her laptop beside boxes

Your jewelry business has probably been affected by the current global pandemic. A reason for this is people have shifted their interests to essential items like medicines, food, and personal hygiene products. Some jewelry shops may have closed down for good too. If your retail or wholesale jewelry business is on the brink of bankruptcy due to the pandemic, it’s time to promote.

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Orange dress and turquoise jewelry pieces from ShopImpressions

Silver Ring Highlight: Turquoise Bali Rings

Offer these lovely genuine turquoise rings to your customers this fall.

woman wearing an orange dress and turquoise jewelry

Fall is all about warm colors — oranges and browns — the same colors of pumpkins and the beautiful fallen leaves. That is why the perfect outfit this season should consist of these lovely hues.

As for accessories, you do not need to follow the autumn palette. To stand out, choose accessories that will pop out from your entire look. Turquoise rings, for example, are perfect for matching with warm colored-dresses. The lovely teal color of this crystal contrasts with the warm browns and oranges. And not just any turquoise ring — go for Bali rings with eye-catching intricate designs. Read More »

Accessorizing During The Pandemic

Here’s a fashion guide to share with your customers on keeping stylish even when wearing a face mask.

woman wearing a surgical mask and small hoop earrings

Face masks are very important to protect ourselves from dust, smoke, and viruses. However, wearing one can affect your overall look. It covers half of the face, so wearing lip color is also out of the question. That is why many fashion entrepreneurs today create cloth masks that have stylish patterns and crystal accents.

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