Wedding Anniversary Rings for Every Decade

Wedding anniversaries are momentous occasions that deserve to be marked with memorable gifts. Per tradition, every decade is marked by precious metals or gemstones. With more years, the materials symbolizing the anniversaries become more valuable, signifying how special long-lasting relationships are. 

With our selection of wholesale jewelry, you will not run out of options to celebrate your anniversary with. Here are some especially selected pieces to mark extraordinary milestones:

25th year: Silver


Celebrate silver anniversaries with this sterling silver piece. Featuring an infinity loop design, look forward to more years of togetherness to infinity and beyond.

30th Year: Pearl


30th anniversaries are typically marked by the pearl, highly regarded for its rarity and enduring appeal. This piece featuring an ornate silver band and genuine white Mabe pearl is sure to stand the test of time with its classic finish.

40th Year: Ruby


Ruby is the traditional gemstone to symbolize relationships that are 40 years strong. This minimalist sterling silver band is the perfect backdrop for an infinity setting of tiny rubies, boasting the color of enduring passion, red.

50th Year: Gold


Gold anniversaries are celebrated at the 50th year, with one of the world’s most desirable precious metals taking centerstage. Go down memory lane and reminisce with a piece inspired by young love, featuring a  rose gold plated band and a heart-shaped pink morganite and cubic zirconia accents. 

75th Year: Diamond


Staying strong for 75 years is no mean feat, and so celebrating this anniversary deserves only the best, and a little extra. Known as the hardest of rocks, diamonds symbolize lasting through the tests of time. This ring shows exactly that, featuring a clear cubic zirconia rock adorned with smaller but equally sparkly stones.

How to Care for Sterling Silver Jewelry

There aren’t a lot of things that could ruin jewelry more than oxidation, tarnishing, and other general signs of aging. Sterling silver, like many other alloyed metals, is not exempt from this rule. Over time, wholesale sterling silver rings can lose their lustre and develop unsightly discolorations. But fortunately, there are a couple of easy fixes to make sure that your exquisite pieces stay in tip top shape. Here are some tips to help you and your customers better care for sterling silver:


Know your silver

As a versatile material, sterling silver is widely available and used in many different applications. However, not all sterling silver is made equal, and so one must know the type used to make sure that it is appropriately cared for. Most sterling silver jewelry is marked .925, which means that it is composed of 92.5% pure silver combined with other materials. This type is very durable but prone to tarnishing, and so extra care must be given to make sure it lasts.


Wear it often, and wear it well

Wearing your sterling silver jewelry exposes it to the skin’s natural oils, which help keep them shiny. However, remember to remove them when doing household chores, particularly those involving washing as water may create rust and discoloration. And of course, when storing your jewelry, make sure to keep them in a cool, dry place away from the sun, as excessive heat exposure also accelerates tarnishing.


Give it some good old TLC – tender loving cleaning

Sterling silver is very durable but being constantly exposed to the elements will definitely take a toll on its appearance. To abate this, cleaning your sterling silver jewelry is recommended. It’s good to note that most of the stuff you need to keep your jewelry in shape is likely already available at home, namely mild soap, water, and baking soda. A paste made of baking soda and water works for regular cleaning, while pieces showing heavier wear and tarnish can be treated with baking soda and white vinegar.

Like any other jewelry, buying sterling silver is also an investment. With these easy tips, you can be sure to keep your accessories looking great for a long, long time.



Be Simply Stunning with Minimalist Sterling Silver Rings

If there is one trend that has gotten really big in 2019, it would be, ironically, the trend of going small. Thanks to Marie Kondo’s very popular Netflix special, minimalism has become the catchphrase that dominates not just our conversations, but our overall psyche. Minimalism could refer to anything between getting rid of clutter in your living quarters, streamlining your wardrobe, or being more mindful about buying and consuming.

As with a lot of big trends, minimalism has also influenced fashion and design. Sticking to the basics – essentials that you could use again and again – lies at the very heart of minimalist fashion. And just because you’re trying to downsize doesn’t mean that you can no longer accessorize! Here are some wholesale sterling silver rings that are sure to tell everyone that less is definitely more:   

RC106758-2_SidneyImportsDiamonds are forever, and so is this classic, minimalist design. Featuring a slim band of sterling silver and clear cubic zirconia rocks, this piece is sure to go well with others you already own.


Going minimalist means going back to basics, but that doesn’t mean going for bland options. Take for example this wave ring accentuated by iridescent white opal — all at once simple and sensational.


Great things come in small packages, as they always say, and in going minimalist, go for tiny pieces that pack a big punch. This sterling silver ring with a cross of cubic zirconia remains subtle while making a statement. 


Show a bit of your personality even when going minimalist when you go for a sterling silver band featuring your birthstone. November celebrants are sure to appreciate this ring with a blue topaz as its centerpiece.


Keep in touch with the whimsy even when going minimalist. Streamlined shapes and patterns like these cosmic creatures are still a hit even with minimalism’s modern aesthetic.

5 Holiday Jewelry Promotions Customers Will Love

Boost your sales even further this holiday season with a few promotional ideas.

Special Deal sign outside a shop

With Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas coming up, stores have already started with promotional gimmicks to further increase sales. When it comes to jewelry shop promotions, it doesn’t have to be always about running discounts or hosting an event. There are many creative ways to entice your customers to check out either your physical or online shop. That is why today, we listed five promotions below that are suitable for either big wholesale jewelry businesses or small-time retailers, that your customers will love.

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Why Sell Cat-Inspired Jewelry

These adorable pieces are a definite must-have in your inventory!

Sterling sterling drop earrings with cat designs on a red cloth surrounded with white feathers

Felines are usually associated with Halloween, especially those with black fur. Think Sabrina the Teenage Witch’s cat, Salem. However, we won’t be talking about kitties in that light for today’s article. Cat-inspired jewelry, we believe, is one of the best styles that should be included in your inventory all-year-round and not just on Halloween.

Here are a few reasons why you should offer wholesale sterling silver rings and other pieces with cat designs in your shop:

Simply adorable

Sidney Imports Wholesale Silver Cat Stud Earrings
Silver Cat Stud Earrings

Well, yes! These pieces come in such adorable and stylish minimalist designs. They can effortlessly add a whimsical vibe to the wearer’s look and are a fresh addition to any outfit. Cat jewelry does not need any crystals or stones to stand out, as their lovely designs allow them to be eye-catching on their own.

Cater to cat lovers

Sidney Imports Wholesale Silver Cat on Moon Pendant
Silver Cat on Moon Pendant

You probably have cat-lovers checking out your store, so cater to these people by offering them feline-inspired pieces! They can even get matching pieces for them and their cats, so make sure to make a wide array of designs available.

Perfect gift for ladies of any age

Sidney Imports Wholesale Silver Cat Ring with Star
Silver Cat Ring with Star

Cat jewelry pieces are perfect for your female customers of any age. Little girls, teenagers, young adults, moms, and grandmas can definitely rock these designs. And because of that, they make perfect gifts for women as well and are ideal for twinning with a best friend, sister, daughter, or mom.


Sidney Imports Wholesale Silver Cat Lab Opal Pendant
Silver Cat Lab Opal Pendant

These pieces, aside from being really adorable, are also versatile. One can wear drop earrings with a cat design either with a dressy outfit or a rugged street style. The same goes for a cat ring or bracelet; it can complement either casual daywear or formal evening wear.

Expresses one’s personality

Sidney Imports Wholesale Silver Cats Ring
Silver Cats Ring

Last but not least, cat jewelry allows its wearer to express their personality. Cats can be mysterious but friendly and spontaneous at the same time. Your customers who believe that their spirit animal is a cat will absolutely love a vast collection of cat jewelry.

Have we convinced you yet? Whatever your answer is, do check out our website for more cat-inspired wholesale jewelry pieces!

Silver Ring Highlight: Pearl and CZ Rings

Pearl and cubic zirconia crystals are the perfect combination for a classic look.

Pearl and CZ Ring on a blue ring tray

For years, pearls have never failed to level up one’s look without going overboard. They are so versatile that any lady of any age can rock them. Imagine if these pearls come with brilliant cubic zirconia crystals. The elegant combination can definitely add some class and glamour to one’s look, even to the most rugged casual outfit.

Today, we picked five wholesale sterling silver rings with pearls and CZ crystals that you can offer to your stylish customers this season.

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How to Deal with Holiday Stress for Jewelry Businesses

Beat the stress the shopping holiday is about to give you with these tips.

Shoppers walking outside jewelry shops

The shopping holiday is the best time of the year, but it can stress out business owners, regardless if you are a big wholesale jewelry seller or a small shop. Don’t get us wrong, though; booming sales are a good thing, but stress, of course, is not.

As Black Friday approaches, you can start implementing some strategies that can help you and your staff relax over the next several weeks. Here are some quick tips to avoid stressing out in the fourth quarter of the year.

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