What's So Special About Oxidized Sterling Silver Rings

What’s So Special About Oxidized Sterling Silver Rings?

Here are the reasons why we love oxidized sterling silver rings.

Sidney Imports Wholesale Sterling Silver Ring - Leaf

Oxidized sterling silver jewelry is made of sterling silver that has undergone a chemical process where the metal is tarnished until it leaves the desired finish. This darkening is called patina. It gives off that antique feel, adding a unique look to the piece. Although it’s called as such, it’s actually sulfur and not oxygen that caused the tarnishing. But the term got stuck in the jewelry industry, so we are still using the word today.

This week, we are turning the spotlight to our oxidized wholesale sterling silver rings; here are the reasons why they are worth adding to your inventory this season.

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Best Instagram Marketing Tips for Jewelry Businesses

10 Instagram Marketing Tips for Jewelry Businesses

Boost jewelry sales on your Instagram page with these few simple tips.

Best Instagram Marketing Tips for Jewelry Businesses

Social media, no doubt, has helped boost sales for businesses today. Instagram is one of these channels, and it’s the perfect tool for jewelry businesses because it’s a visual channel. You can post as many photos of your products as you like for free. However, you can’t do solely that; you’ll be seen as hard-sell by the users. That is why posting on Instagram as a business should be planned out. Otherwise, instead of gaining followers and potential clients, you’ll be losing them one by one. To prevent that from happening, here are the 10 best tips to boost your jewelry sales on Instagram.

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Best Ways to Style Sterling Silver Necklaces

Best Ways to Style Sterling Silver Necklaces

Sterling silver necklaces are also an accessory staple so make sure to offer them in your shop.

Best Ways to Style Sterling Silver Necklaces

What can level up a minimalist monochrome top? A stunning sterling silver necklace. Not only is it a style booster, but it also adds a bit more elegance to just about any kind of look. However, not all silver jewelry lovers wear necklaces. Some may prefer your wholesale sterling silver rings or earrings. To boost your necklace sales, try to offer your customers some style hacks. And without further ado, here are five tips to wearing sterling silver necklaces.

When to wear simple, minimalist pieces

Sidney Imports Wholesale Silver Italian Necklace - Infinity
Silver Italian Infinity Necklace

Minimalist necklaces are ideal to wear in professional settings. This include at work, at school, and if you are going to go to an interview. They are also great on any occasion where you are wearing dressier tops or outfits with bright and wild patterns. Minimalist necklaces add a bit more glamour to an already striking outfit, so these pieces complement rather than overwhelm each other.

When to wear chunky necklaces

Sidney Imports Wholesale Silver Necklace with Heart Charm
Silver Necklace with Heart Charm

Chunky or large chain necklaces are more masculine than other necklaces, so they make great accessories to a rebel chic or a chic rocker look. They complement a monochrome outfit as well as they tend to stand out perfectly. Bold statement rings paired with bold necklaces make a great combination. Other places ideal to wear them are at the bar, music festivals, and other casual events.

When to wear gemstone necklaces

Sidney Imports Wholesale Silver Turquoise and CZ Necklace
Silver Turquoise and CZ Necklace

Gemstone necklaces are the most feminine type of sterling silver necklaces. They come in many colors, shapes, and sizes, making them one of the favorite pieces in the fashion world today. They are ideal to wear with feminine outfits, so they’re perfect for weddings, birthday parties, or for when you want to add a dash of romanticism to your look. They’re a great accessory to basically any type of outfit, as long as the color complements the color of what you are wearing.

When to wear chokers

Sidney Imports Wholesale Silver Flat Choker Necklace
Silver Flat Choker Necklace

Chokers remind so much of the 90s style and give off a hippie artistic vibe. They are perfect with turtlenecks in the colder months and crocheted crop tops in the warmer months. They can also be worn with other necklaces, either minimalist or statement, to achieve a trendy layered style. Chokers are perfect to wear at art and music festivals, concerts, parties, and other casual events.

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Best Ways to Style Sterling Silver Rings

Best Ways to Style Sterling Silver Rings

Sterling silver rings are affordable fashion jewelry pieces making them popular among young fashionistas today.

Best Ways to Style Sterling Silver Rings

A sterling silver ring is a staple in a stylish woman’s collection. Because they are versatile, timeless, and quite affordable, they are no doubt a favorite among the millennials. That is why it’s a must to include wholesale sterling silver rings in your inventory. And one of the ways to market them is to share a few tips on how to style these versatile pieces to your customers. Arouse their interest by providing some style tips. Need help with that? No worries; here are some of the best ways to style sterling silver rings.

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Silver Ring Highlight: Tree of Life

Silver Ring Highlight: Tree of Life

The Tree of Life design makes the best silver rings because it’s stylish and feminine. 

Sidney Imports Tree of Life Silver Ring

The symbolism of the Tree of Life goes back to the ancient times and is known to many cultures and is thought to be mystical and magical. Although it has many names in different religions and races, all see this symbol as the mystical and magical source of life. In the Celtic culture, the Tree of Life symbolizes family and generations. The seed becomes a tree, grows tall, branches out, and bears a fruit which then gives life to a new generation. It is also a symbol of rebirth, as trees ‘die’ in fall, then are reborn in spring. Because of this, the Tree of Life also signifies a fresh start and positive energy.

And aside from all these meanings, the design itself is very pretty to look at. And as we mentioned, they are stylish and feminine and make great jewelry. With that said, we have turned the spotlight to our wholesale sterling silver rings bearing this gorgeous symbol. Here are five rings that are worth adding to your inventory.

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Silver Ring Highlight: Lab Opal Rings

Silver Ring Highlight: Lab Opal Rings

Behold the beauty of these sterling silver lab opal rings. 

Opal Ring from Silvia_Ingle
Source: Instagram.com | Silvia_Ingle

Lab-created gems are the alternatives to rare stones. Although they are not natural, they are definitely not imitations. These stones may be grown in the laboratory, but they are chemically, physically, and optically identical to the natural ones. Lab-created stones look very similar to the natural ones that only trained experts with instruments can tell the difference between the two. This week, we are highlighting our wholesale sterling silver rings adorned with gorgeous lab opals of different colors. And without further ado, here are five rings (and other pieces that look great with them) that are worth adding to your inventory.

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How to Sell Jewelry to the Millennials | Sidney Imports

How to Sell Jewelry to the Millennials

Create content that will pique the interest of the young adults of the 21st century.

How to Sell Jewelry to the Millennials

Millennials are the largest population in the US,  over 75 million. But who are they? According to Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research, they are those born between 1980 to 2000. These people are the first generation of the so-called digital natives, and their lives rely heavily on technology. That said, it is not surprising the most online marketers focus a lot on them.

When it comes to fashion and accessories, millennials also go first. And in the jewelry industry in the world where there are many competitors online, you need to strive hard to stand out from the competition. Learn to focus your marketing efforts on this age group. Here are the top three ways to create content that will interest the millennials.

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