5 Reasons Why Women Love Jewelry

For thousands of years, people have been using precious metals and stones as personal ornaments. Ancient tribes wear them mostly for protection from evil spirits and for status symbols. The beautiful Cleopatra was known to wear gemstone amulets, head jewelry, and other pieces. And until now, jewelry remains to be part of our daily lives.

Cleopatra Portrait
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But have you ever wondered why it’s the women who love jewelry more? Ads on TV and on the internet most of the time use women as their models and marketing efforts have been geared toward the female audience. As a woman myself, I admit to having a collection of rings and earrings. Apparently, there’s a psychological explanation behind this. If you remember Abraham Maslow’s theory on Human Motivation in Psychology 101, you’d know that there is the Hierarchy of Needs pyramid theory in which the order of needs ranked — from base to peak: physiological, safety, love/belonging, esteem, and self-actualization.

But I won’t delve too much in that, of course, it’s too science-serious. Instead, I have simplified it all for you, ladies and gentlemen. After thorough research and asking my female friends, I ended up with five reasons why women love bling so much.


Woman wearing Hoop Earrings
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Can it get any more obvious? We, women, love accessorizing our favorite wardrobe pieces for OOTD selfies. Ladies also have to look good and presentable in dates, job interviews, and social events. Jewelry pieces do just that; they accentuate a woman’s facial and bodily features. Don’t believe me? Try taking a selfie with a gorgeous pair of hoop earrings and another selfie without them. Then put the photos in a collage and compare the two. Wearing earrings bring attention to the face, particularly to the eyes, which as they say, (cliche I know), are the windows to your soul. The difference is huge, my ladies, it’s huge.

Status Symbol

Woman wearing pearl necklace
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This reason has not changed since the beginning of time; jewelry has always been the symbol of status and wealth. Tribe leaders in the ancient world have been known to wear lots of jewelry to show that they are capable of heading the community and that they have the moolah. In other words, wearing jewelry makes you stand out from the herd. In this century, women are as equal as men can be, and are empowered more than ever. You’d know a lady boss from a crowd because they are usually the ones who are wearing at least two jewelry pieces, which include layers of pearls on their neck and wrists. Power dressing isn’t power dressing without the right accessories.

Emotional attachment

Locket Pendant
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Women are more emotionally invested than men. I, for instance, put such value on my jewelry. Whenever I wear a bracelet from my dad, I am instantly reminded of memories of me as a kid and my relationship with him. We wear these pieces of jewelry because it reminds us of happy experiences in the past which make us feel all warm and fuzzy. Jewelry pieces are also considered as heirlooms and usually have been passed down for many generations, which are mostly to the women of the family.


Gold Jewelry
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Women generally tend to be more skilled when it comes to household budgeting, more particularly, mothers. Jewelry not only makes you look good but is also a backup financial plan in times of need. Some may hoard on wholesale sterling silver rings or gemstone pendant necklaces, so when the budget gets tight, they can simply sell them or have them pawned. In other words, jewelry is an emergency stash.


Style blogger wearing necklace
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Going back to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, esteem is on a high place of the pyramid. Looking good does raise the level of one’s self-esteem, more so when receiving positive compliments from friends, family, and even complete strangers. Wearing jewelry, definitely, makes a person look more confident. So ladies, if you’re feeling down, just wear some jewelry and you’ll instantly feel better!

Ladies, got any other reasons you’d like to add to the list? Share yours in the comments below!