Time to Switch to Sterling Silver Wedding Bands

Get the best bang for your buck, honey.

Sterling silver jewelry has never gone out of style. Pieces made from this precious metal are usually worn as fashion pieces and are not very popular as engagement rings or wedding bands. However, I have recently read a lot of posts about women raving about their silver wedding rings. As a silver ring wearer myself, I could say that rings made in sterling silver are as gorgeous as the most expensive gold or platinum ring in the market.

Don’t believe me? I listed three reasons why I think silver rings deserve a second chance in the bridal industry.

Reason 1: Sterling silver wedding rings are so brilliant and durable!

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Bands made of this metal possess such luster that no other precious metal can match. Silver rings do not need rhodium plating to achieve that brilliance. Maintaining it is easy too. You would simply just have to clean your rings with a silver polishing cloth. If this isn’t available, you can use a soft, non-abrasive cloth such as microfiber towels, or lint-free flannel as alternatives. As for the durability, sterling silver is harder than pure silver which makes them durable enough for everyday wear. Silver rings sure will last a long time.

Reason 2: You and your partner can choose from a wide array of designs.

Get yourselves Sterling Silver Wedding Rings from Sidney Imports

Unlike pricey fine jewelry, sterling silver ring designs are not limited; there’s a vast and seemingly endless selection of these rings in almost all jewelry shops. You can easily find unique designs for both engagement rings and wedding rings. A reason why sterling silver is a favorite among jewelry designers is that silver is malleable. It won’t be difficult for you to find a one-of-a-kind hand-crafted design or have a customized design made especially for you.

Reason 3: Sterling silver rings and silver jewelry, in general, are very affordable.

Get Yourself Sterling Silver Wedding Rings from Sidney Imports

Talk about getting the best of both worlds; low price and high quality! Even if you choose rings with intricate designs or the delicately hand-crafted ones, you’d still get them at a lower cost compared to gold and platinum. Getting sterling silver wedding rings are ideal for couples who are on a tight budget. Jewelry shops love wholesale sterling silver rings too because they sell quicker than gold and platinum, allowing them to earn more at a faster rate.

Are you a proud wearer of sterling silver engagement and wedding rings too? Tell us about them!