5 Creative Jewelry Packaging Ideas for Small-time Sellers

Aim for an unforgettable unboxing experience for your customers.

Aside from offering fashion-forward jewelry pieces, one thing small time businesses should not forget to prioritize is how they package their products. Unlike big jewelry sellers, small businesses cannot custom order jewelry packaging by the thousands, and some do not have the budget yet. That is why some sellers simply just put their products in little zip-lock bags. This is a big no-no. How you package your products actually defines who you are as a business.

I used to make friendship bracelets and sell them to kids at my middle school. Part of the fun was creating personalized paper bags. I invested time and energy on the packaging, just letting the creative juices flow. The result? I had more kids order my products because they loved how the bracelets were packed. This strategy is definitely still effective now. Whether it’s DIY or ordering a few jewelry boxes online, adding a bit of your personality to the packaging is always a good thing. Here are five jewelry packaging ideas perfect for your handmade creations or your wholesale sterling silver rings.

Pillow boxes

Creative Jewelry Packaging Ideas for Small-time Sellers by Sidney Imports
Source: Homemade-gifts-made-easy.com

Because simple boxes are too basic. It’s easy to look for pillow box suppliers online, and there’s a lot on Etsy, Amazon, and Ebay. There are various designs you can choose from, or you can opt for a plain brown box and just personalize it. There’s just so much you can do with this packaging — wrap a ribbon around it, put stickers, or stamp your business logo.

Sealing wax

Creative Jewelry Packaging Ideas for Small-time Sellers
Source: Etsy.com/shop/beminewaxseal

If you love the old world charm, adding wax stamps on the boxes is a creative idea! It’s like going back to the olden times when the only way to communicate is by exchanging letters. All you need is a rubber stamp of your logo and a supply of wax. This packaging idea is perfect if you sell antique pieces or vintage-inspired jewelry.

Patterned tissue paper

Creative Jewelry Packaging Ideas for Small-time Sellers
Source: Everythingetsy.com

Do not underestimate tissue paper; they make great packaging! You can choose from many patterns and colors of this paper online. What’s great about them is they act as a cushion to jewelry pieces and avoid scratching as well. To secure the package, use jute twine for a crafty, earthy feel. Don’t forget handwritten tags!

Fabric scraps

Creative Jewelry Packaging Ideas for Small-time Sellers
Source: Loganberryhandmade.com

If you have the time, you can sew fabric scraps and create one-of-a-kind little drawstring bags. Not only do you make memorable creative packaging, but you also get to recycle stuff as well. Check your wardrobe for old t-shirts, and dresses, as well as old handkerchieves and towels.

Washi tape

Creative Jewelry Packaging Ideas for Small-time Sellers
Source: Fairivy.com

Decorate dull-looking brown boxes and paper bags with colorful washi tape. Bring your scrapbooking skills to packaging, and let your creative juices flow! Choose your signature washi tape design or use a variety of colors.