Sterling Silver Jewelry for Your Beach-loving Customers

Offer your customers accessories that can instantly upgrade their spring and summer look.

Sterling Silver Jewelry for Your Beach-loving Customers

Going on trips to the tropics and resorts is one of the many activities you can do during spring and summer. To make your photos Instagram-worthy, you have to stay stylish by wearing accessories that complement your outfit. Aside from your straw beach hat and fashionable pair of sunglasses, don’t forget to accessorize with stunning sterling silver jewelry. A pair of earrings can draw attention to your face, so can a pendant necklace. Finish off your look with a barrage of pretty rings on your fingers. With that said, here are a few of our spring and summer-worthy wholesale sterling silver rings, earrings, and necklaces you can offer your customers.

Silver Lab Opal Ring

Wholesale Sidney Imports Silver Lab Opal Ring

Adorn your fingers with a ring that competes with the gorgeous blue color of the sea. This Silver Lab Opal Ring allows you to wear a piece of the sea on your finger. It features a stunning stainless steel band adorned with light blue lab opal. The ring’s face height is 5mm, not too wide and not too thin. Wear it with other rings one finger, or opt to wear it as a stand-alone piece.

Silver Wave Ring

Sidney Imports Silver Wave Ring

This Silver Wave Ring isn’t just for surfers, it’s for anyone who regularly needs a dose of vitamin sea! It possesses a rather minimalist design, which makes it so appealing. No need for crystals or diamonds, as this ring is definitely a show-stopper. Prepare for a lot of compliments when you wear this. This Silver Wave Ring is available in rose gold tone, yellow gold tone, and silver.

Silver Fish Ring

Sidney Imports Silver Fish Ring

What more can remind you of the sea, but fish? This Silver Fish Ring adds a fun, young vibe to your look. The fish design looks like a friendly whale, and the swirl on the left is a little wave. It boasts a high polish matte finish and has a face height of 8mm.  This piece is perfect for sea animal lovers and those with an affinity for the sea alike. Wear this with other bands for a lovely layered look.

Silver Invisible Square CZ Earrings

Sidney Imports Silver - 8mm Invisible Square CZ Earrings

Add some sparkle to your beach outfit with this gorgeous pair of CZ stud earrings. This pair of earrings gives an illusion of the beautiful crystals floating on your earlobes. The Silver Invisible Square CZ Earrings boasts clear cubic zirconia stones atop a square sterling silver setting. This design is available in sizes 4mm to 8mm.

Silver Earrings with Lab Opal

Sidney Imports Silver Earrings with Lab Opal

If you prefer matching the color of the sea, wear this pair of lab opal stud earrings. The Silver Earrings with Lab Opal features beautiful lab opal stones that look so much like the sea. This pair would look gorgeous on any skin tone. Match it with a similarly gorgeous lab opal ring or necklace.

Silver Starfish Earrings

Sidney Imports Silver Starfish Earrings


This pair of earrings is a must-have for beach lovers! The Silver Starfish Earrings boast oxidized silver in the form of a starfish. It exudes a young and fun vibe and looks great with any outfit. Even if spring and summer are over, wear this pair anytime you feel like reminiscing the fun moments at the beach.

Silver Pendant with Lab Opal Mermaid

Sidney Imports Silver Pendant with Lab Opal Mermaid

If you are obsessed with mermaids, you got to have this pendant. The Silver Pendant with Lab Opal Mermaid features a tiny mermaid with a brilliant lab opal tail. The pendant is 31 mm long which is just the right size. Pair it with similarly lovely lab opal earrings and rings for a lovely sea maiden look.

Silver Pendant with CZ Anchor

Sidney Imports Silver Pendant with CZ Anchor

For women who rock the nautical style, this Silver Pendant with CZ Anchor is a great addition to their look. It features a classic anchor design studded with clear cubic zirconia stones. The pendant is just 17mm long but definitely still is an eye-catcher.

Silver Pendant with Lab Opal Whale Tail

Sidney Imports Silver Pendant with Lab Opal Whale Tail

Another one of our whale tail pieces, the Silver Pendant with Lab Opal Whale Tail boasts gorgeous lab opal that sparkles even to the faintest touch of sunlight. This piece is surely a show stopper, so be prepared to receive dozens of compliments. Pair it with other sterling silver jewelry to finish off your look.

Just a friendly reminder, sterling silver don’t do well with salt water. So do remove your jewelry after taking Instagram photos with the girls, and keep them in a safe place. You can read more about the do’s and don’t’s with sterling silver jewelry here.


There are more spring and summer-inspired wholesale sterling silver rings, earrings, and pendants at the shop. Offer them a wide array of pieces so they won’t have to look anywhere else!