What Do Women Really Want in their Engagement Ring?

Men are generally clueless on what their women want when it comes to engagement rings. Help your customers get the perfect ring for their ladies with this guide.

Bridal season is finally here! Is your bridal jewelry collection ready? Because some men find it tricky to pick the best engagement ring for their ladies, it’s best to offer them a wide array of rings to choose from. And if you also find it difficult on what pieces to offer your customers, fret not, as we have listed down the top three qualities women want in their engagement rings. To top it all off, we also included our top picks from our wholesale sterling silver rings collection.

1. Stone shapeSidney Imports Wholesale Silver Wedding Ring Set

According to The Knot’s Bridal survey, round is the favorite stone shape of engagement rings. This is then followed by the princess cut and lastly, cushion, which is almost similar to the former. That said, always stock up on rings with round-cut center stones in different sizes and colors to pique your customers’ interest.

~~ Sidney Imports’ Picks ~~

ROUND: Silver Wedding Ring Set

PRINCESS CUT: Silver Princess Cut CZ Ring

CUSHION CUT: Silver Cushion Cut CZ Ring

2. Setting Style

As for the setting style, most ladies prefer a ring with a prong setting. This is then followed by halo, pave, and lastly, channel setting. Prong is a classic, as its simplicity is very appealing. No wonder this setting is also a favorite among fashion silver rings.

~~ Sidney Imports’ Picks ~~

PRONG SETTING: Silver Prong CZ Ring Set

HALO SETTING: Silver Halo CZ Ring Set

PAVE SETTING: Silver Pave CZ Ring Set

Sidney Imports Wholesale Silver Pave CZ Ring Set

CHANNEL SETTING: Rose Gold Tone Silver Channel CZ Ring Set

Sidney Imports Wholesale Rose Gold Tone Silver Channel CZ Ring Set

3. Stone Color

Ladies prefer the classic diamond, which is no surprise. But if they are looking for the affordable ones, gorgeous clear cubic zirconia stones are the perfect alternative. There are also women who prefer the colored crystals, which are most likely, their birthstones. If your customers cannot decide on the color, offer them rings with a colored center stone but has clear stones in the halo, pave, or channel setting.

~~ Sidney Imports’ Picks ~~

CLEAR: Silver CZ Ring Set

Sidney Imports Wholesale Silver CZ Ring Set

COLORED: Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Pearl, and Topaz Silver Rings

Sidney Imports Wholesale Silver Emerald CZ RingSidney Imports Wholesale Rose Gold Tone Silver Ruby CZ Ring SetSidney Imports Wholesale Silver Pearl Ring

In the end, we believe that whatever you give your lady, she will appreciate it. Cliche as it may sound, it’s always the thought that counts. Good luck with picking out the perfect engagement ring!

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