The Perfect Sterling Silver Ring Displays

Attract more customers with beautiful ring displays.

Aside from actively posting your products on your social media business pages, another way to entice potential customers is to show your jewelry pieces in impressive-looking displays. Aesthetics play a big role in retail, and as a jewelry business, it is a must to invest on these displays. You can sell the most stunning pieces in the market, but you might not be showcasing them effectively. Sterling silver does not go well with all colors so you should also consider the color, the design, and the size. With that said, here are four of our favorite types of ring displays which you can use for your wholesale sterling silver rings.

Single ring displays

Single Ring Display for your Wholesale Sterling Silver Rings
Source: | Nicer Jewelry

This kind of display is ideal for showcasing your best selling piece as it easily catches people’s attention. Black velvet, suede, and leatherette are perfect for sterling silver as they make the ring and its crystals stand out even more. If suede does not match the theme you are going for; you can opt for the wooden or linen types. Whatever you choose, always go for the dark colors.

Multiple ring displays

Multiple Ring Display for your Wholesale Sterling Silver Rings

This display type is ideal for ring sets, specifically the minimalist layered rings. This is where you can showcase the different ways on how to layer the different bands. The multiple ring display is also perfect for bridal rings or pieces that come as sets. As with the single ring display, dark colored ones are always the best choice for silver bands.

Creative ring displays

Creative Ring Display for your Wholesale Sterling Silver Rings

Creative displays guarantee that your rings will stand out. This is particularly the case if the display is something you do not see in jewelry shops often. Creative ring displays look great in craft shows as they exude an old world vibe that appeals to many women of almost any age bracket.

DIY ring displays

DIY Ring Display for your Wholesale Sterling Silver Rings

If you don’t like the traditional types, you can always go DIY on your displays. There are a lot of tutorials you can find on various websites such as Pinterest, but always make sure that the display you are going to make will complement the theme of your shop.

The effectivity of ring displays are not always guaranteed, but you can experiment with what type works best. If your wholesale sterling silver rings don’t sell too well, try a different kind of ring display. Be creative and be observant of your customers, as well as your competitors.