How Pinterest Can Boost Your Jewelry Business

How Pinterest Can Boost Your Jewelry Business

Showcase your jewelry pieces in the most effective way; create a Pinterest account.

How Pinterest Can Boost Your Jewelry Business

I previously wrote about how Facebook can help your business. Facebook is now a must for all businesses, but in the jewelry industry, having a Pinterest account is an added bonus. Allow me to discuss the various ways on how the visual bookmarking tool can help your jewelry business.


How Pinterest Can Boost Your Jewelry Business

People browsing Pinterest have a high chance of becoming customers. Why? People go to Pinterest to look for something they need to buy and to look for inspiration. It’s so easy to find wholesale sterling silver rings or jewelry supplies on this visual bookmarking tool. Pinterest helps lessen the steps from discovery to conversion too, making it faster than other social media business pages.

User Engagement

How Pinterest Can Boost Your Jewelry Business

User engagement on Pinterest in higher compared to other social media channels. I am a Pinterest user myself, and I find it easy and fun to share things I like with other people. It’s like a diary in the form of images or a visual representation of your personality which encourages users to engage. Adding and saving pins from other boards is a piece of cake too. You don’t have to be a follower of a certain account to see their boards. That said, your pins are more likely to be seen and clicked by users.


How Pinterest Can Boost Your Jewelry Business

Pinterest makes it easy to find your business. When people search for an image on Google, most of the results come from Pinterest. This is especially the case if your product pin has been saved on various boards multiple times. This is why you should make sure that the pin correctly links to the product on your website.


How Pinterest Can Boost Your Jewelry Business

This visual bookmarking tool also helps in higher website traffic by helping increase links back to your site. How? As I previously said, each pin includes a link to your website, and this makes it easier for a user to be lead to your site. Pinterest allows you to get more inbound links.

Be in the know

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By checking the boards of your followers and competitors, you’ll be able to determine what the current trends are. You will also get to know which jewelry piece is the favorite by checking which of your pins have the most repins. Another way to identify the trends is by following other accounts in the same industry. Regularly check their boards. Following others will also increase the chance of getting more followers. “I’ll follow back if you follow me.”

One useful Pinterest tip is to add high-quality image pins. Don’t just post photos of wholesale sterling silver rings with a white background; post pictures of actual people wearing them. Following a particular theme for an aesthetically pleasing account will also entice potential customers. Good luck with pinning!