5 Ways to Turn Jewelry Store Displays Into Sales

5 Ways to Turn Jewelry Store Displays Into Sales

Increase your sales with these jewelry store display tips.

5 Ways to Turn Jewelry Store Displays Into Sales

I’ve discussed tips for online jewelry businesses in the previous posts, so I’m going to write about retail jewelry stores this week. Part of enticing customers with your jewelry pieces is by showcasing them in eye-catching displays. If you own a startup jewelry business and can’t afford a visual merchandiser at the moment, coming up with an effective display can be tough. With that said, here are some tips to raise revenue through show-stopping displays.


Do not forget to put a price tag on everything on display. You cannot keep potential customers guessing. As a shopper, I wouldn’t want to look for a salesperson to ask how much a ring is, I’d rather see how much it is right then and there. Remember that your displays act as a silent salesperson and hence, you have to put the top important features on the tag too, like what metal it is made of, as well as the stones.


Lighting plays a significant factor in showcasing jewelry. Shadows and glare are a big no-no. Hence proper placing of the lights is important. Even if you have the most beautiful pieces in an eye-catching display, you still won’t be able to entice customers with bad lighting. Be careful with the colors, as the wrong color could interfere with the actual color of the jewelry. Consistency is also key; use the same type of lighting on the displays, as well as the same colors.

Bestsellers and New Arrivals

Always place the best sellers as the front liners. You could also add a BESTSELLERS sign near the display as this raises the chance of piquing the interest of potential buyers. Isolating these pieces in a separate display set is also a good idea to highlight them. Do make sure that the lighting is also done right. As with the best-selling pieces, new items should also be prioritized. New arrivals should also include the priciest and fanciest pieces to guarantee a show-stopping experience for your customers.


Let those creative juices flow! Add a pop of color or small props that wouldn’t usually be seen in a jewelry display. Do make sure, however, that they fit the current theme. You cannot put a miniature beach ball in an autumn-themed display, nor pieces of rustic wood in a futuristic-style display.


Regularly change the display themes. Otherwise, customers will find your store boring. You can follow themes that complement the current season, or anything that’s trending such as the most-talked about film of the season. Good thing for wholesale sterling silver rings, they look practically gorgeous on any kind of display!

5 Ways to Turn Jewelry Store Displays Into Sales

As an ending tip, do not add props that can exude negative vibes. A good example for this is the DO NOT TOUCH sign. This could be off-putting for customers. How can they decide which piece to buy if they cannot try the pieces on? Your display has to look friendly and homey for the best customer experience ever.