Opal Jewelry - Source: Instagram.com | @GarmentGoddess

5 Reasons to Love Lab Opal Jewelry

Make your customers fall in love with these lab-created opal wholesale sterling silver rings and other pieces.

Opal Ring - Source @manderz1121
Source: Instagram.com | @manderz1121

Opal for me is the most beautiful crystal that ever existed. Yes, diamond is a woman’s best friend, but no one can deny the beauty opal exudes. Natural opals are also rare as diamonds and boast such gorgeous flash of colors, making them quite expensive. With that said, more people resort to the lab-created ones. Because they are man-made, there is a negative connotation that these opals are not worth buying. Allow me to prove otherwise. Here are five reasons to love these man-made crystals.

1. They are less expensive.

Sidney Imports Wholesale Sterling Silver Ring with Lab-Created Opal
Light Blue Lab Opal Wholesale Sterling Silver Ring

Because natural opals are hard to find, they are pricey in the market, so much so with jewelry pieces adorned with these crystals. Lab opals then are the less pricey alternatives, giving more fashionable people a chance to purchase these jewelry pieces.

2. Lab opal jewelry is perfect for traveling.

Sidney Imports Wholesale Sterling Silver Earrings with Lab-Created Opal
Wholesale Lab Opal Sterling Silver Earrings

For fashionable globe trotters, lab-created crystal jewelry pieces are the best accessories. They won’t have to worry about losing a ring or an earring while swimming or while trekking the mountains. This jewelry is easily replaceable because as I said, they do not cost that much.

3. These gems are environment-friendly.

Sidney Imports Wholesale Sterling Silver Necklace Pendant with Lab Opal
Tree Sterling Silver Necklace Pendant with Lab Opal

Lab-created opals have a lighter carbon footprint. There is no need to go mining to extract these gems. They are carefully created within the confines of a laboratory without hurting Mother Nature. And mind you, they are not at all imitations. Growing them in labs are identical to how they grow in nature, physically, chemically, and optically.

4. Lab opal jewelry pieces are more durable.

Sidney Imports Wholesale Sterling Silver Dragonfly Bracelet with Lab Opal
Sterling Silver Dragonfly Bracelet with Lab Opal

When compared to the natural opals, lab-created alternatives are stronger and more durable. Natural ones contain up to 15% water, and this is what makes them fragile. They are vulnerable to temperature changes as well. Lab-created opals, on the other hand, does not contain water. They are less prone to cracking or drying out.

5. Get to choose from fashion-forward jewelry designs.

Sidney Imports Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry Pieces with Lab Opal
Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry Pieces with Lab Opal

Because they are able to handle stresses natural opals cannot, these lab-created gems allow for more creative designs for jewelry designers. The natural ones are mostly used for low impact pieces like necklaces and earrings, but the latter can be made into every type of jewelry including the high impact ones such as rings, bracelets, and anklets. The lab opals can be made into buttons too! Sky’s the limit for jewelry design creativity for these lab gems.

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