How Instagram Can Boost Your Jewelry Business by Sidney Imports

How Instagram Can Boost Your Jewelry Business

Follow these tips for using Instagram to increase your jewelry sales.

How Instagram Can Boost Your Jewelry Business

As with Pinterest, Instagram is a great social media tool to power up your jewelry business. It’s a photo-sharing application that a business can use to showcase their products in a more personal and friendly level. Although you cannot create specific boards and categories, Instagram is still effective when it comes to product showcase and also in encouraging people to buy your products.

1. Optimize your profile.

It should be your goal to create a winning profile for your business. Make sure to fill out everything that needs to be filled out. You can use this checklist as a guide:

  • Add your business’ name.
  • Upload a photo. This could be your logo or one of your best selling products with a watermark of your logo.
  • Write a short description. It should straightforward, catchy, and includes keywords that describe your business’ core qualities.
  • Don’t forget to add a link to your website on the description. Use Google URL Shortener, so it doesn’t take up too much space.

2. Create a persona.

The persona that you create should be appealing to your customers. For example, if your wholesale sterling silver rings are for your millennial customer, then your persona must be of the same age as them. Your tone and voice should be young, fun and creative.

3. Take them behind the scenes.

Curiosity is one way to make people interested in your product. Post photos of how you set up your jewelry displays at craft shows, or even your staff having fun after shift. This will allow you to connect to more people, and they will see you as a down-to-earth brand.

4. Create Instagram-exclusive contests and offers.

We all know that contests and freebies can do wonders for your business. Creating exclusive offers on Instagram will allow you to further connect with your followers, strengthen the relationship, and eventually lead to more followers. Do not forget to promote these contests on your other social media accounts as well.

5. Do not hard-sell.

Your Instagram account is not your e-commerce website. Your account must come off as more personal and friendly. So instead of just posting your items for sale, curate content from other accounts too that are of the same industry. Post holiday greeting graphics as well as posts from fashion icons the brand looks up to. When grabbing photos, do not forget to acknowledge the source.

How Instagram Can Boost Your Jewelry Business

6. Follow other accounts of the same industry, most especially influencers.

They may not always follow you back, but doing so will increase the chances of adding more followers. How? If a particular jewelry buff follows an account you just followed, there is a chance that they’ll follow you too. It’s all about connections and making them stronger.

7. Mention others and thank customers.

Be personable and friendly. Feature your satisfied customer’s post on your account and acknowledge by mentioning them in the post. Not only will you show appreciation for them buying your product, but it will also allow for an engaging conversation in the comments section. You can also feature content by fashion icons and influencers and mention them as well.

8. Make sure to answer EVERY DMs and queries.

No one wants a business who doesn’t care about their customers. By being quickly responding to queries, you can easily attract more potential customers; they’d see that you appreciate anyone who inquires about your products. You must see to it to respond to inquiries immediately, and not let them wait for more than a day.

9. Be consistent with your photo style.

Post professional, high-quality photos only. You should also follow a particular style; use only one or two filters to keep the aesthetics consistent.  Treat your followers to a visual experience that they won’t forget.

10. Use hashtags.

Of course, hashtags! Hashtags create brand awareness and can promote your exclusive offers. As with mentions, hashtags help increase exposure and engagement. You can create your own hashtags and use the trending ones. You can also ask your followers to use the contest hashtag made specifically for it.

How Instagram Can Boost Your Jewelry Business

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