How to Rock Sterling Silver Stackable Rings

It’s time you give stackable rings a chance! Here’s a short guide on how to nail this ring trend.

How to Rock Sterling Silver Stackable Rings

Stacking or layering rings is one of the trendy jewelry styles today. Because wholesale sterling silver rings are less pricey than fine jewelry, more and more women are able to style themselves without having to break the bank. If you are one of those people who are a bit hesitant to try this, it’s time you give it a chance. Trust me, layering rings is an easy and simple trend that can instantly upgrade your look. And without further ado, here are a few tips on how to rock sterling silver stackable rings.

Go for thin bands with different textures.

Sidney Imports Wholesale Sterling Silver Rings with Thin Bands

Choose sterling silver rings with thin bands. Preferred face height measurements are 2 to 4 mm, although you can also choose one with a 5 mm face height. The reason for going for thinner ones are to be able to wear more on one finger without overdoing it. Plus, wearing all wide bands might feel heavy on your fingers and won’t be comfortable at all. As for the textures, wearing a single texture would strike up as dull. A remedy for this is to wear rings with different designs,  stones, and finish.

Mix colors.

Sidney Imports Wholesale Sterling Silver Rings

What’s great about sterling silver rings is that they come in different tones. You can choose from gold tone, rose gold tone, and of course, silver. Since some rings are adorned with crystals, you can mix rings with different colors of stones as well. Make sure that they complement each other, or matches your outfit. For the summer, turquoise silver rings mixed with coral and gold tone rings look perfect if you want to achieve a Bohemian style.

Mix thin and thick.

Sidney Imports Wholesale Sterling Silver Statement Rings

Although thin bands are preferred, you can also mix one or two wide rings on one hand. You can add a cocktail or statement ring among minimalist stackable pieces. If your cocktail ring has a huge center stone, consider only wearing one thick ring. You might end up overdoing the style if you do, so be careful with adding larger stoned or wide band rings.

Play with finger placement.

Finally, you have to play with placement. You can’t just stack rings on one finger; you can wear rings on all your fingers. Aside from that, you can also wear smaller sized rings and wear them as pretty little knuckle rings. Each finger has two knuckles, so imagine how many rings you can wear on one hand!

To get more ideas on what styles you can mix and match, check out the shop; a broad range of wholesale sterling silver rings with various designs are waiting for you!