How to Survive When Jewelry Sales are Low

Sell more pieces during business down time with these simple tips.

How to Survive When Jewelry Sales are Low

Wholesale sterling silver jewelry, as with other types of jewelry, generally sells more during holidays. There is no particular off months for this industry as it depends on what type of jewelry you sell. However, there is always that time of year when sales drop. With dedication and creativity, a business can counter the adverse effects of down time. And without further ado, here are four tips on how to sell jewelry when sales are low.

Offer a wide array of trendy jewelry designs.

How to Survive When Jewelry Sales are Low

People, mostly women, buy jewelry to upgrade their outfit. And as a woman myself, I can attest to that. Even if I really don’t need a new sterling silver ring or necklace, I will buy one if I think it looks good with my new dress. If the piece is really eye-catching, friends and maybe even random people will ask where I bought it. In this case, word-of-mouth advertising works like a charm. Hence, offering a vast selection of on-trend designs will help with the sales.

Create promotions.

How to Survive When Jewelry Sales are Low by Sidney Imports

Promotions work well in the jewelry business. You can create sets of matching pieces and sell them at a lower price. Discounts like this one appeal to customers, especially if they are promoted in all your social media channels. Social media and promotions should work hand-in-hand to achieve better results. As we all know, anything posted on the internet reaches audiences faster than anything promoted using native advertising. You can also opt for hosting Facebook ads and the like, for maximum exposure.

Come up with trendy packaging.

How to Survive When Jewelry Sales are Low

Product packaging may be one of your selling points during down time. You can encourage people to buy your products with attractive on-trend packaging. For example, the 7th season of GoT has just started, why don’t you create or commission Game of Thrones-inspired jewelry boxes? All it takes is a continuous flow of creative juices and online research. If you have the time, you can also create an online survey on what jewelry designs they’d love to wear. Take advantage by giving away a discount coupon or a jewelry piece once they finish and share the survey on their social media accounts.

Increase your online presence.

How to Survive When Jewelry Sales are Low

Lastly, keep people updated online. Share industry-related articles on your Facebook page and creative product photos on Instagram and Pinterest. This is also the perfect time to contact influencers on Instagram and have them promote your pieces. And as I have mentioned in the previous posts, always answer to every query in the comment section, messages, and DMs. Starting an email campaign can help with the sales too.

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