4 Ways to Use Negative Reviews to Your Advantage

4 Ways to Use Negative Reviews to Your Advantage

Don’t sulk when you receive negative reviews. Instead, use them to be a better jewelry business.

4 Ways to Use Negative Reviews to Your Advantage

Getting negative reviews is inevitable, even if you are trying real hard to maintain a good reputation in the jewelry industry. If you are a startup, getting these reviews might hurt a lot, especially if you are still struggling to get a place in the market. As for long time players, these can damage their image and even relationships with long time customers. But take it from Bill Gates, “your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” With that said, here are four ways in which you can use negative reviews to your jewelry business’ advantage.

4 Ways to Use Negative Reviews to Your Advantage

Stay calm.

The initial reaction to hearing or reading something negative about you is to get angry. Yes, you have the right to feel that way but before responding to the feedback, take deep breaths. We all know that we are able to say hurtful things when we are mad, so it’s best to let the heat simmer down first before taking any actions.

View it as constructive criticism.

Now that you’re calm, it’s time to look for the silver lining in the dark cloud. Try to determine what went wrong with the customer and ask your staff about the incident. Discuss with the team and come up with ways to prevent the issue from happening again. Focus on the areas of the problem and work together to improve them.

Reply to the customer. Calmly.

After figuring out with the team how the problem arose, you can now respond to the customer’s feedback. Address their concerns and provide ways that can help solve the problem. Be calm, maintain a friendly tone, and don’t forget to apologize for the incident. Your goal is to make your customer feel like you are doing everything you can to fix the problem.

Improve your services.

One way to prevent getting bad reviews is by improving your products and services. For example, if people think your wholesale sterling silver rings look outdated, stock up your inventory with fashion-forward designs that can cater to customers of all ages. If your shipping time takes too long, look for a better delivery service provider. Lastly, you can offer a customer satisfaction policy where you can offer free returns and refunds, as well as free shipping for orders of a certain total amount.