How to Organize Wholesale Sterling Silver Rings

Here are some tips to keep your inventory organized and clutter-free.

Woman's hand with a solitaire silver ring worn on the middle finger and a red jewelry box at the background

Being a wholesale jewelry seller can be tough, especially if your inventory becomes too much to handle. That said, you should start organizing them effectively. This is especially the case for smaller pieces like rings and earrings. Today, we will be sharing some helpful tips on how you can keep your inventory of wholesale sterling silver rings looking clutter-free.

Buy ring organizers.

Black ring organizer box from Amazon

Getting a bunch of ring organizers for your large ring inventory is the easiest way to organize. And for us, the best bet is to get the lockable storage boxes that come with separate ring slots covered in velvet or any soft material. With this box, you can be sure that your rings will be free from dirt and dust and won’t get scratched or damaged.

Create your own organizers.

DIY ring organizer made made of a wooden box and foam slots

If no ring organizer in the market satisfies your need, you can create your own. You can find so much inspiration on Pinterest, including egg trays, DIY ring box with slots made of foam curlers, and even old photo frames. Just make sure you have much free time to make all these for your large inventory!

Store them according to their styles.

Rings in a ring organizer

To make finding a particular ring design much faster, store them according to their styles. Keep all the minimalist rings in one box and the statement ones in another. You can go even more specific with the metal platings, the crystals they come with, or the size. Doing this may be a daunting task, but it sure can help you in the future.

Labeling helps!

Blank white label stickers on a wooden surface

Once you have organized the many rings in your inventory, you should start labeling them as well. Be specific as possible, so you know which lot is which, including the kind of crystals they are adorned with or the metal plating. Labels will also make it much easier for you to find a particular piece.

Keep them separated from other jewelry types.

Do not keep your ring organizers together with other types of jewelry. This is to avoid confusion and to lessen the chance of them getting lost. Always keep the same kinds of jewelry together and don’t mix them up, even if they are all labeled.