Silver Ring Highlight: Stackable Ring Sets

Make a statement this season with sterling silver stackable rings.

Woman wearing minimalist stackable ring sets on three fingers

One of the popular styles of wholesale sterling silver rings are the minimalist stackable ones. We’ve seen many style influencers and celebrities on Instagram wearing sets of these delicate pieces all-year-round. Who can blame them? Minimalist bands are so comfortable to wear and can be styled in so many ways!

Today, we picked five stackable ring sets that are worth adding to your inventory this season. Check them out as they might just be the accessories your customers are looking for this fall and winter.

Tri-Color Bubble Ring Set

Tri-Color Bubble Ring Set from Sidney Imports

Let’s start with the lovely Tri-Color Bubble Ring Set, which includes rose gold, yellow gold, and rhodium-plated bands. Its unique bubble design gives the illusion of having little bubbles wrapped around the finger. They may have plain designs, but they can surely catch anyone’s attention!

Gold, Black, and Silver Ring Set

The Gold, Black, and Silver Ring Set is a gorgeous take on the usual tri-color set. All three bands have a striking diamond design, and each piece is adorned with a dazzling clear cubic zirconia crystal as its center stone. This sterling silver stunning set is ideal for wearing during events in the evening or night.

Silver CZ Stackable Ring Set

For your customers who prefer a purely silver set, then the Silver CZ Stackable Ring Set is the one to offer them. It includes five sterling silver rings studded with brilliant clear cubic zirconia stones. Each piece also boasts a clear CZ center stone. This set is ideal for wearing during evening and night events at any time of the year.

Tri-Tone Solitaire Set with CZ

Next up is another tri-color set with a lovely delicate design. The Tri-Tone Solitaire Set with CZ features thin bands, each having a different metal color plating. The sterling silver rings also have a single, tiny clear cubic zirconia crystal as their center stone, which complements the simplicity of the pieces.

Tri-Color Silver Set with CZ

Last, but surely not the least, is the gorgeous Tri-Color Silver Set with CZ. As with the other tri-tone sets, it features three rings of different finishes — rhodium, yellow gold, and rose gold plating. However, this set really stands out, as the entire bands are studded with sparkly clear round cubic zirconia crystals. Although the rings are 2mm-thin, they are very much recognizable because of the brilliance the stones give off.