Video Marketing Tips for Jewelry Businesses

Whether you are a small or established jewelry brand, video marketing is important.

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Posting videos on your social media accounts can effectively help you build warmer audiences and educate them more about your brand. Currently, it is also the best type of content marketers should focus on because moving pictures attract people more than text would.

If you are a wholesale jewelry seller or a small local jewelry business and have not yet tried video marketing, you’ve found the right article. Today, we are going to share some helpful tips on video marketing and why it’s worth your time and energy.

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Video topics should be informative.

It should be your goal to entertain and inform your target customers. This is because educating them about your brand, and the industry is the most powerful way to connect with them. Educational and informative videos are more effective than hard-selling promotional ones.

Turn your blog posts into videos.

If you, unfortunately, ran out of topics, you can always get inspiration from your blog and turn those articles into videos. A useful tip is to pick ones that have been performing well, so you are sure that your videos will get the same good feedback from your audience.

Give the videos engaging titles.

Make sure to give your videos eye-catching and stimulating titles. Remember that you have to grab the viewers’ attention in at least three seconds or else, they’ll click away and move on. In fact, studies have found that users close a video within 10 seconds if they don’t see it as interesting.

Keep your videos short and sweet.

People have the tendency to forward videos till the end or check how long the duration is. We know this because we are guilty! With that being said, a three-minute-long marketing video is preferable than the 10-minute ones. Skip the flowery language and get straight to the point!

Ask questions at the end of the video.

Finally, it’s best to ask questions at the end of the video to create engagement with the viewers. Encourage them to answer them in the comments section below, as well as ask them to share their thoughts about your video. The same goes for call-to-actions, as these invites the viewers to take further action like checking out your website or blog.