How to Market Jewelry to Millennials with Instagram

Reach the younger audiences with these IG marketing tips and increase your jewelry sales.

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According to studies, millennials are using Instagram more than any social media platform. A recent Pew Research Center report also found that a whopping 60% of IG users are aged between 18 and 29. So it isn’t surprising that another study found the millennials also interact more on social media than in real life.

These statistics just proves that Instagram is the best medium to use if you want to market your jewelry to this age group. This is especially the case if you’re offering wholesale sterling silver rings with on-trend designs. Today, we are going to share some tips on how you can effectively market your items and boost your sales.

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Post about trending topics.

It’s all about anything viral! People of this age group are very interested in what the current trends are and what the next big thing is. And because they love to post about what they like, they will most likely interact with posts of the same topics.

So what if the trending topic isn’t connected at all with jewelry? Well, you can always incorporate jewelry and fashion into these trends. Brainstorm with the team and let your creative juices flow. Engage your audience by asking questions. Just make sure to avoid controversial viral topics because some of your followers may find them offensive and you might eventually lose them.

Post photos that showcase your passion.

Young people today are very passionate. They can be passionate about fashion, makeup, fitness, photography, or travel. And if they see that you are also passionate about the things they love, the chances of them being loyal followers increases. The key is to believe in your content.

Post lifestyle photos of your jewelry items and create a caption that sends a passionate message. Be confident with whatever you say. This just shows that you are an expert in the industry, increasing customer trust, and loyalty.

Post eye-catching videos.

Visual content has proven to be better than text, and videos have become a more effective type of content than images. Captivate the millennials with eye-catching videos of exciting topics. Avoid hard-selling by posting infomercial-type of videos and instead, go with the behind-the-scenes type. You can also opt for lifestyle videos, like how a particular jewelry piece can make a difference, or a style guide fit for the current season.

Make use of Instagram stories as well, especially if you have new jewelry pieces for the season. You can tease these new items and even have live Q&A sessions with your followers.

Involve your millennial followers with your content marketing.

Last, but not least, is to encourage user-generated content. One good example is to create a contest where you ask your followers to submit an entry with a unique and catchy hashtag. The winner with the best entry can get a prize like a gift card or special discounts on new jewelry items from your shop.

Getting these followers involved in your content marketing actually lessens the content you have to post. This is because the followers are the ones doing it for you. And of course, millennials love and tend to trust user-generated content more than other types.