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Reasons to Get a Website for Your Jewelry Business

If you don’t have a website for your jewelry shop yet, it’s time you do.

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Having social media accounts for your jewelry store is not enough to grow your business, whether you are a retailer or a wholesale jewelry shop owner. A website has a lot of benefits for you, including increased leads and better conversion rates, which social media alone cannot give. Many jewelry shop owners today still rely on their visibility on Facebook and Instagram, believing that having a site is not necessary at all.

We beg to differ. Today, we will convince you that having a website is an excellent investment for your jewelry business, no matter its size. Here are the reasons why:

A website builds credibility and customer trust.

Having a website for your jewelry business provides your customers with the information they are looking, hence giving you credibility. If they could not find you anywhere on the web or know more about your business, they will immediately see you as rather sketchy. With a good-looking website with quality information about what you do and what you offer, your target customers will see you as legit business and eventually trust you.

It reaches new customers through search engines.

Your brick & mortar jewelry shop reaches only the customers within the area. However, a website reaches potential customers around the state, or even the globe if you are open to shipping internationally. You will have wider access to more jewelry lovers and get the chance to let them know that you can help them with their jewelry-related needs.

A site increases the visibility of promotions.

Promotions are effective ways to gain brand exposure and increase leads. However, if you only promote them in-store, they won’t get to reach a lot of interested people. Having a website allows you to announce your jewelry promotions and make them visible to a much broader audience. As a bonus, you can also grow your email list through your promotions by getting customer emails from signups.

It improves customer service.

Your website can provide value-added service to your customers. With excellent customer service, the chance of them checking out your products increases, even if they have no plans of buying any jewelry yet. Some ways to improve customer service is by sharing tips on how they can take care of their jewelry, tips on style, gift guides, and the like. That is why having quality and helpful content on your site is a must. And of course, when they send inquiries, immediately respond to them.