How to Deal with Holiday Stress for Jewelry Businesses

Beat the stress the shopping holiday is about to give you with these tips.

Shoppers walking outside jewelry shops

The shopping holiday is the best time of the year, but it can stress out business owners, regardless if you are a big wholesale jewelry seller or a small shop. Don’t get us wrong, though; booming sales are a good thing, but stress, of course, is not.

As Black Friday approaches, you can start implementing some strategies that can help you and your staff relax over the next several weeks. Here are some quick tips to avoid stressing out in the fourth quarter of the year.

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Group of friends holding shopping bags

Black Friday Marketing Tips for Jewelry Businesses

Dominate sales this Black Friday with some marketing ideas. 

Black Friday written in white marker on a black surface

Black Friday, as we all know, is the shoppers’ most favorite day of the year. Consumers get to purchase items at much lower prices, making it the best time to buy Christmas presents and well, rewards for themselves. Any business knows that their sales spike during this period, but did you know that you can boost the increase further?

Today, we will be sharing some marketing ideas that can help you get more leads and jewelry sales this holiday shopping season.

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Sterling Silver Rings for Halloween

Offer these Hallow’s Eve-worthy rings for your female customers this season.

Woman in a masquerade costume giving Halloween treats to a child in a princess costume

Last week, we gave you a Thanksgiving jewelry style guide to share with your customers. Today, however, it’s time that we give you suggestions on wholesale sterling silver rings to add to your inventory in time for Hallow’s Eve. We carefully picked seven rings that we believe are what your customers are probably looking for to top off their costumes.

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Halloween Marketing Ideas for Jewelry Businesses

Increase sales this spooky season with some creative and fun marketing ideas.

The word "Halloween" written on a small chalkboard with pumpkins and lit candles

The Halloween season may or may not be a downtime for your jewelry business. If it’s the former, it’s then best to implement some marketing strategies that can keep your sales up. This season, get to attract more customers with a few spooky tricks from marketing experts which are useful for both big wholesale jewelry sellers and small jewelry business owners.

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Thanksgiving Jewelry Style Guide

Here are four ways to style your jewelry these holidays.

Woman holding a fallen maple leaf over one eye

Thanksgiving is definitely one of our favorite holidays. Because, why not? It’s all about being thankful for the blessings you’ve received the past year, scrumptious food, family, and friends. Plus you get the chance to relax from all the stresses of work and well, life as a whole.

It gets all the more exciting when you get invited to a relative or friend’s dinner or if you are chosen to be the dinner host. And you know what that means. You have to look your best but still, feel comfy. With that said, here are four tips to slay your outfit on Thanksgiving dinner without sacrificing comfort.

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Man typing on his Macbook Pro outdoors

Reasons to Get a Website for Your Jewelry Business

If you don’t have a website for your jewelry shop yet, it’s time you do.

Person using laptop during daytime

Having social media accounts for your jewelry store is not enough to grow your business, whether you are a retailer or a wholesale jewelry shop owner. A website has a lot of benefits for you, including increased leads and better conversion rates, which social media alone cannot give. Many jewelry shop owners today still rely on their visibility on Facebook and Instagram, believing that having a site is not necessary at all.

We beg to differ. Today, we will convince you that having a website is an excellent investment for your jewelry business, no matter its size. Here are the reasons why:

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How to Market Jewelry to Millennials with Instagram

Reach the younger audiences with these IG marketing tips and increase your jewelry sales.

Four female friends walking near an abandoned gas station

According to studies, millennials are using Instagram more than any social media platform. A recent Pew Research Center report also found that a whopping 60% of IG users are aged between 18 and 29. So it isn’t surprising that another study found the millennials also interact more on social media than in real life.

These statistics just proves that Instagram is the best medium to use if you want to market your jewelry to this age group. This is especially the case if you’re offering wholesale sterling silver rings with on-trend designs. Today, we are going to share some tips on how you can effectively market your items and boost your sales.

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