Sterling Silver Rings for Halloween

Offer these Hallow’s Eve-worthy rings for your female customers this season.

Woman in a masquerade costume giving Halloween treats to a child in a princess costume

Last week, we gave you a Thanksgiving jewelry style guide to share with your customers. Today, however, it’s time that we give you suggestions on wholesale sterling silver rings to add to your inventory in time for Hallow’s Eve. We carefully picked seven rings that we believe are what your customers are probably looking for to top off their costumes.

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Thanksgiving Jewelry Style Guide

Here are four ways to style your jewelry these holidays.

Woman holding a fallen maple leaf over one eye

Thanksgiving is definitely one of our favorite holidays. Because, why not? It’s all about being thankful for the blessings you’ve received the past year, scrumptious food, family, and friends. Plus you get the chance to relax from all the stresses of work and well, life as a whole.

It gets all the more exciting when you get invited to a relative or friend’s dinner or if you are chosen to be the dinner host. And you know what that means. You have to look your best but still, feel comfy. With that said, here are four tips to slay your outfit on Thanksgiving dinner without sacrificing comfort.

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Silver Ring Highlight: Stackable Ring Sets

Make a statement this season with sterling silver stackable rings.

Woman wearing minimalist stackable ring sets on three fingers

One of the popular styles of wholesale sterling silver rings are the minimalist stackable ones. We’ve seen many style influencers and celebrities on Instagram wearing sets of these delicate pieces all-year-round. Who can blame them? Minimalist bands are so comfortable to wear and can be styled in so many ways!

Today, we picked five stackable ring sets that are worth adding to your inventory this season. Check them out as they might just be the accessories your customers are looking for this fall and winter.

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Silver Ring Highlight: Religious Rings

Get to wear your faith with these lovely sterling silver rings.

Woman backlit by church stained glass

Consider yourself lucky if you have a diverse set of customers. This is because you can offer more variety of designs without the risk of some of them becoming slow-moving items. One of these designs, in particular, is the religious-inspired wholesale sterling silver rings, as not many customers are of a certain religion. However, if you have a handful of customers who are into wearing their faith, you’re in luck. As today, we are turning the spotlight on to five of our new religious rings from our sterling silver ring collection.

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The Beauty of Minimalist Silver Wedding Ring Bands

Learn why sterling silver rings make excellent wedding ring bands.

Wedding bands and an engagement ring in a box with fruits

Shopping for wedding bands is fun for engaged couples, but it can be quite a daunting task. There are various designs in the market today, from minimalist pieces to rings with bold styles, making picking the perfect piece even more difficult. The former has been gaining popularity in the past few years in the fashion world. That is why we suggest going with minimalist sterling silver wedding bands if you are already racking your brain for the perfect rings for you and your partner.

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Silver Ring Highlight: Leaf Rings

Celebrate fall with these lovely sterling silver leaf rings.

Woman in orange wearing a brown hat standing in the middle of plants with orange flowers

Leaves, along with yummy pumpkin spice and stylish scarves remind of fall. To boost your sales this cozy season, make sure to offer pieces with designs that are inspired by the current season. If florals are for spring and the ocean for summer, then leaves are perfect for fall.

Today, we picked five delicate pieces from our wholesale sterling silver rings collection that we believe are worth adding to your inventory this fall!

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Stainless Steel Rings for Men

Here are some stainless steel rings for men to offer this fall.

Man wearing a stainless steel ring on his ring finger

Whether you are a wholesale jewelry seller or a small-time jewelry shop owner, you well know that you must also consider your male customers. However, unlike your female customers, men are generally more into chunky, bold rings. That is why you should also offer pieces other than the favorite minimalist ones or the stylish sterling silver rings the female species are so much into.

That said, we put the spotlight on to five of our stainless steel rings specially made for fashionable men today. Do check them out, as these might be the pieces that your male customers are looking for.

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