How to Style your Coachella Outfits with Accessories

Accessories level up your festival wear, so pick ones that will stand out!

Coachella outfits are fairly easy to pull off. It also gives you the chance to show off your personality by experimenting with wardrobe pieces and accessories. Since Coachella’s just a few weeks away, we have listed down three easy ways to spice up your festival outfit. Remember, there are no fashion rules in music festivals, overdoing it may actually be a good thing!

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Time to Switch to Sterling Silver Wedding Bands

Get the best bang for your buck, honey.

Sterling silver jewelry has never gone out of style. Pieces made from this precious metal are usually worn as fashion pieces and are not very popular as engagement rings or wedding bands. However, I have recently read a lot of posts about women raving about their silver wedding rings. As a silver ring wearer myself, I could say that rings made in sterling silver are as gorgeous as the most expensive gold or platinum ring in the market.

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