Best Ways to Display Sterling Silver Rings

Here are six creative ways to showcase these silver beauties.

Best Ways to Display Sterling Silver Rings

Silver rings are one of the popular fashion accessories today. This is because it’s much cheaper than gold and diamond jewelry. Because of its popularity, there are many businesses out there selling wholesale sterling silver rings. To stand out from the crowd, you have to think of different marketing strategies. One such approach is how you showcase your products. This week, we have listed down six of our favorite ways to display sterling silver rings.

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How to Clean Nose Rings and Studs

Hygiene is important for fashion accessories, especially nose rings. 

Sidney Imports Wholesale Silver Nose Stud Ball

If you sell nose rings and studs along with wholesale sterling silver rings in your shop, you should know that these pieces have to remain clean. And as a seller, you need to educate your customers on how to clean them to prevent them from contracting an infection. This is especially the case with new piercings where healing could be delayed if not properly taken care of. Cleaning these fashion accessories are no hassle at all. And without further ado, here are some nose rings and studs cleaning methods to share with your customers.
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How to Display Sterling Silver Jewelry

Entice customers with these few display tips.

If you are a start-up jewelry business looking for tips on display, then you have stumbled upon the right article. As marketing experts say, jewelry displays are your silent salespersons. That said, it’s a must to invest in them to increase the interest of potential customers. You should also remember to choose ones that are appealing to your brand’s target audience. To add to that, here are a few more display tips.

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Sterling Silver Chain Designs for Necklaces

Italian Sterling Silver Chains for Necklaces

Sidney Imports also offers an extensive collection of Italian sterling silver chains for your needs.

Sidney Imports Wholesale Silver Italian Omega Necklace - 2.5 mm

A sterling silver jewelry collection isn’t complete without necklaces. Unlike fashion rings, necklaces are more wearable for men. They are also more versatile as you can wear them as layered bracelets. If you are planning to shift to offering pieces other than wholesale sterling silver rings, then you’re in luck. This week, we’re discussing some of our different Italian sterling silver chain designs you may want to add to your inventory.

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Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas for Jewelry Businesses

Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas for Jewelry Businesses

Double your ROI this Hearts Day with these marketing strategies.

Looking for a wholesale italian bracelet for this heart's day.
Silver Italian Bracelet with Heart Charms

Valentine’s Day isn’t just a holiday for couples, it’s also a special day for jewelry businesses. As we know, jewelry is one of the best presents one can give on Hearts Day. A few weeks before the holiday, many are on the hunt for jewelry, be it handmade or sterling silver jewelry. That said, take advantage of the situation and double your marketing efforts. Without further ado, here are some marketing tips on how to increase your ROI twofold this Valentine’s Day season.

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Spring 2018 Sterling Silver Jewelry Pieces

Be in the know; here are this year’s trendy silver jewelry designs.

Spring 2018 Fashion Jewelry Trends

Statement jewelry recently ruled the runway in New York and London. So what better way to attract new customers this new year than offer on-trend pieces? Spring is coming up, so do make sure that your pieces have styles that are perfect for the season. Go for the florals and other nature-inspired designs. Offer pieces with a Boho and hippie feel in preparation for music festival season. Need some design suggestions? Fret not, we picked out some of our pieces that are perfect for spring!

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