How Facebook Can Boost Your Jewelry Business

Want your jewelry business to boom? Create a Facebook Business Page.

How Facebook Can Boost Your Jewelry Business

I have mentioned in one of my previous posts that social media can work wonders for your jewelry business. Social media is the most effective tool to engage users in this digital age. But each one of these channels has strengths and weaknesses. This week, I’ll discuss what Facebook can do for your jewelry business as this is the channel most used at the moment.

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Focus on your bestselling wholesale sterling silver rings from Sidney Imports.

5 Reasons Why You Should Focus on Your Best-selling Jewelry

Whether you sell jewelry online or in a shop, focusing on your best-selling products should always be the top priority.

Why You Should Focus on Your Bestselling Products

When it comes to marketing strategies, going with a focus strategy is perfect for both online and physical shops. Not only do you increase the chance of getting new customers, but you also get to increase your revenue over time. Focus strategy might be common sense, but not everyone knows all its benefits and some ignore it completely. As a result, businesses lose the opportunity to monetize these benefits. With that said, here are five reasons why you should consider going with this strategy.

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10 Best Sterling Silver Rings for Men this Spring

Check out these Coachella-worthy ring designs for men!

Guy wearing sterling silver rings

When it comes to jewelry, it’s always the women who have more interest in this industry. However, some men love donning on pieces to complement their wardrobe. You’ll get to see this type of guys at Coachella; they are the men who are into eclectic, boho, punk, and hippie styles. To attract male customers, do not forget to sell products that cater to them. This coming Spring, add to your inventory these wholesale sterling silver rings for men which they can wear in time for Coachella.

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5 Creative Jewelry Packaging Ideas for Small-time Sellers

Aim for an unforgettable unboxing experience for your customers.

Aside from offering fashion-forward jewelry pieces, one thing small time businesses should not forget to prioritize is how they package their products. Unlike big jewelry sellers, small businesses cannot custom order jewelry packaging by the thousands, and some do not have the budget yet. That is why some sellers simply just put their products in little zip-lock bags. This is a big no-no. How you package your products actually defines who you are as a business.

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Social Media Tips for Jewelry Businesses

Social Media Tips for Startup Jewelry Businesses

Get maximum exposure for your products with these simple tips.

Social media channels allow you to make your jewelry pieces available to a whole lot of people, versus selling them solely in a physical store. If you are a startup jewelry business, you need all the exposure you can get at a low cost. Whether you are selling handmade creations or wholesale sterling silver rings, the power of social media in online branding can help boost your business in no time. Most startups are not capable of hiring experts to do the job for you at the moment, but you can make do with these simple social media tips.

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5 Tips to Know Before Starting a Jewelry Business

The new year is great for trying new things — a new look, a new book to read, a new hobby. If you love jewelry and trinkets, starting your own jewelry business at the start of the year is an excellent idea. Getting into a new venture is not a walk in the park, especially if it is your first. However, it does have some good results; you become your own boss, you get to do what you love, make new friends, and of course, you get revenue.

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