Sterling Silver Chain Designs for Necklaces

Italian Sterling Silver Chains for Necklaces

Sidney Imports also offers an extensive collection of Italian sterling silver chains for your needs.

Sidney Imports Wholesale Silver Italian Omega Necklace - 2.5 mm

A sterling silver jewelry collection isn’t complete without necklaces. Unlike fashion rings, necklaces are more wearable for men. They are also more versatile as you can wear them as layered bracelets. If you are planning to shift to offering pieces other than wholesale sterling silver rings, then you’re in luck. This week, we’re discussing some of our different Italian sterling silver chain designs you may want to add to your inventory.

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Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas for Jewelry Businesses

Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas for Jewelry Businesses

Double your ROI this Hearts Day with these marketing strategies.

Looking for a wholesale italian bracelet for this heart's day.
Silver Italian Bracelet with Heart Charms

Valentine’s Day isn’t just a holiday for couples, it’s also a special day for jewelry businesses. As we know, jewelry is one of the best presents one can give on Hearts Day. A few weeks before the holiday, many are on the hunt for jewelry, be it handmade or sterling silver jewelry. That said, take advantage of the situation and double your marketing efforts. Without further ado, here are some marketing tips on how to increase your ROI twofold this Valentine’s Day season.

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Spring 2018 Sterling Silver Jewelry Pieces

Be in the know; here are this year’s trendy silver jewelry designs.

Spring 2018 Fashion Jewelry Trends

Statement jewelry recently ruled the runway in New York and London. So what better way to attract new customers this new year than offer on-trend pieces? Spring is coming up, so do make sure that your pieces have styles that are perfect for the season. Go for the florals and other nature-inspired designs. Offer pieces with a Boho and hippie feel in preparation for music festival season. Need some design suggestions? Fret not, we picked out some of our pieces that are perfect for spring!

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Jewelry Business New Year's Resolutions

Jewelry Business New Year’s Resolutions

Be a better jewelry business by sticking to these resolutions this 2018.

Jewelry Business New Year's Resolutions

Start the new year right by listing down your business goals and resolutions for 2018. And this applies to both small jewelry businesses and large stable businesses. Without¬†new goals, you won’t be motivated enough to do better and to satisfy more customers. If you want to add some more to your list, allow us to help you. Here are some new year’s resolutions for jewelry businesses like you.
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5 Sterling Silver Rings Perfect for the Holidays

5 Sterling Silver Rings Perfect for the Holidays

Sparkles and glitter dominate shop displays, so your jewelry should match them too!

5 Sterling Silver Rings Perfect for the Holidays

It’s just three days before Christmas, how’s your inventory holding up? If you need more pieces to last until next year,¬† we have curated five of our sterling silver rings that are worth adding to your collection. We made sure that their designs have the element of the holidays in them — sparkly, shiny, brilliant, and of course, silver! And without further ado, here they are:

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4 Festive Jewelry Packaging Ideas for Small-time Sellers | Sidney Imports

4 Festive Jewelry Packaging Ideas for Small-time Sellers

Make unboxing under the Christmas tree even more exciting for your customers.

4 Festive Jewelry Packaging Ideas for Small-time Sellers

Early this year, we’ve written about creative packaging ideas for small businesses. And since it’s the Christmas season, we’ll now talk about creative Christmas packaging the will surely catch the attention of your customers. Most of them might not have time to wrap their gifts, so spare them the trouble and do it for them. Aside from incorporating a festive theme in the packaging, do not forget to include your shop’s personality, to make your customers remember you. And if you’ve run out of ideas for designs, fret not, as here are four festive jewelry packaging ideas perfect for your wholesale sterling silver rings, gemstone jewelry pieces, or handmade creations.
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How to Tell If Sterling Silver is Real or Not | Sidney Imports

How to Tell If Sterling Silver is Real or Not

Avoid getting tricked into buying fake sterling silver; here are some tips to be wiser than the crooks.

Sidney Imports Wholesale Sterling Silver Tree of Life Ring

If you are not an expert in checking jewelry, you might easily be prey to merchants who sell fake jewelry. As a jewelry business retailer, you should be aware of these people, and you should at least know the basics of knowing whether a piece is genuine or not. If you are planning to start your own jewelry business, then you’re in luck. Allow us to give you some tips on how to buy real wholesale sterling silver rings and other pieces for your inventory.

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