5 Tips for Making Your Jewelry Business Work by Sidney Imports

Social Media Tips for Startup Jewelry Businesses

Get maximum exposure for your products with these simple tips.

Social media channels allow you to make your jewelry pieces available to a whole lot of people, versus selling them solely in a physical store. If you are a startup jewelry business, you need all the exposure you can get at a low cost. Whether you are selling handmade creations or wholesale sterling silver rings, the power of social media in online branding can help boost your business in no time. Most startups are not capable of hiring experts to do the job for you at the moment, but you can make do with these simple social media tips.

Create social media business accounts.

Create Social Media accounts for your jewelry business

Create business pages instead of personal accounts. Facebook has a Business Manager feature where you can get access to useful consumer insights for free. You will get to know which products are more appealing to your customers based on likes, shares, and comments. The same goes for Twitter; you have access to the list of your top tweets. Pinterest and Instagram help with showcasing your products and allow you to boost your posts through ads.

Share customer and “genuine” photos.

Post customer and genuine photos

Posting pictures of happy customers can encourage more people to buy your product. Good feedback and real customer testimonials do wonders to business, so use them to your advantage. You can post short video testimonials as well. “Genuine” photos, on the other hand, are perfect for showcasing products. Instead of sharing boring jewelry pics on your feed, why not wear those rings and take photos? It’s always nice to see jewelry pieces worn by actual people, rather than boring, uptight product photos.

Engage more customers through promotions.

Engage more customers through promotions

You don’t have to spend a lot for promotions; a simple giveaway would do. People tend to get excited about giveaways and basically anything pretty and free. However, make sure that it is a win-win situation. Ask people to like your page, like and share the post, or tag your account. Another is to give out gift certificates, so they sure will buy from your shop. With these promotions, you also get to add more followers to your accounts aside from boosting exposure.

Promote your social media channels.

Social Media Links on jewelry packaging

Always put your social media account links on basically everything that reaches the customers. Include them in your email signatures, print ads or press releases, business cards, and most importantly, packaging. If you have a blog, list all these links. All marketing materials should have your contact information as well.

Be fun and personal.

Be personal.

It goes without saying that you should reply all inquiries and comments on your social media accounts. No customer wants to be ignored as they will lose interest in your brand. You also shouldn’t just answer them with Wikipedia-like information. Engage, ask them back, and value their feelings. Customers love a brand that talks to them like a friend. Just make sure, however, that your tone still fits your brand’s persona.